Developing an on-line course for first-time mothers: ?Pathway to Birth?

Concern has been expressed globally at rising caesarean section (CS) rates with no evidence of any decrease in associated health problems for mothers and babies, indicating that many CSs are unnecessary, and can be harmful. We are at present running a pilot trial called "REDUCE"to see if a new intervention, based on research evidence, can reduce CS rates, which would have health benefits for mothers and babies. Part of this intervention will be evidence-based antenatal classes. However, <50% of women having their first baby attend classes so it is important to make all educational materials available on-line as well. This project will create an on-line course for women to access in their own time. It will include user-friendly, evidence-based information, quizzes, assessment scales and short educational videos, designed with women for women expecting their first baby. Videos will have voice-overs in English, Romanian or Lithuanian, and optional sub-titles. They will include advice and tips on managing pain in normal labour, how to speed up labour without using drugs, and other research-based information that may help reduce the need for CS. This evidence-based concept emerged directly from listening to women, and the target audience is childbearing women aged 18-45 years. All materials and videos will be created in partnership with, and evaluated by, women and provided free-for-all to women attending the hospital implementing the "REDUCE"intervention. Once the full trial is completed, all materials will be made available on the study website for any woman wishing to access them.

Award Date
27 September 2018
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Cecily Begley
Host Institution
Trinity College Dublin
Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme