Delivering a Reduction in the Development of Maternal Prenatal Stress: DIRECTMAPS

Pregnancy can be a stressful time during which many expectant mothers experience understandable worries and concerns. High levels of prenatal maternal stress are linked to several unfavourable conditions which can affect the health of the child at birth. Normal development of the central nervous system is also at risk during the early life period which can lead to a number of behavioural and mental problems for the child in later life. Our research sets out to understand how prenatal maternal stress negatively influences birth and later childhood developmental outcomes. The insights this can provide have the potential to bestow both physical and mental health benefits for future mothers and their offspring. Through a series of linked public engagement events, we aim to bring these insights to a wider audience of interested parties. Our campaign will commence with a public information evening where research team members will present key aspects of our research findings before participating in an audience-led panel discussion. A seminar series targeting antenatal healthcare providers and policy makers will follow where leading international academics working on the research problem of prenatal stress will share their insights. This series will culminate with a stress management workshop aimed at providing members of the at-risk population a set of coping skills to help reduce stress. Finally, in addition to exhibiting at pregnancy related events nationwide, we will also utilise a schedule of pregnancy relax stretch breath classes as a forum to showcase our findings directly to this at-risk group.

Award Date
27 September 2018
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Timothy Dinan
Host Institution
University College Cork
knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme