COIchine for prevention of Vascular Inflammation in Non-CardioEmbolic stoke- a randomised clinical trial of low-dose colchicine for secondary prevention of Stroke. European and Canadian extension

Inflammation of the lining of arteries is an important factor contributing to clots,leading to heart attacks and strokes.Current studies are testing medicines traditionally used for inflammation of joints (arthritis) to prevent strokes and heart attacks. One such clinical trial has shown that an anti-inflammatory drug used for arthritis can prevent heart attacks and strokes. CONVINCE is a clinical trial, testing colchicine in low doses, a medicine used for many years to treat gout and other joint disorders. We are comparing colchicine to usual care (eg.aspirin,cholesterol lowering medicines and blood pressure treatment) in a randomised fashion.

The trial will take place across Europe and Canada in over 140 centres in 3,154 patients over 3 years. This application is to fund the extension of the trial in Canada and 8 new European countries.The trial has already significant funding for conduct in Ireland, the UK, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Estonia, and Lithuania, via the HRB Stroke Clinical Trials Network, led by Prof Kelly.

If the trial is'positive' it will lead to a major step forward in our treatment options for preventing stroke, heart attack,and death in survivors of non-disabling stroke and transient ischaemic attack (mini-strokes).

Award Date
07 March 2019
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Peter Kelly
Host Institution
University College Dublin
DIFA 2018