BlooDHIT | Blood Donation Haematology Infection & Transfusion Conference 2022

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) is responsible for the national blood supply of Ireland. The rapidly evolving fields of transfusion and haematology mean it's imperative that upcoming advancements to clinical practice, donation, testing and production, are prepared for. Therefore the IBTS must provide a platform to bring together all stakeholders of our blood service in order to communicate the research findings underpinning all elements of our current and future services. In order to achieve this we propose to run an international conference of Blood Donation, Haematology, Infection and Transfusion called BlooDHIT. A conference bringing together all of these stakeholders has not been run in Ireland before. This conference will be held in-person as well as live-streamed. It will cover the following areas with a combination of local and international speakers.
Blood donor infectious diseases and blood grouping, and how this information may directly inform public health policies.

The welfare of our donors, and that regular assessment of the impact of donation on their health and lifestyle behaviours ensures donation policies are evidence-based.
How the requirements for 'best-matching’ a blood product with the transfusion recipient are ever-changing, and that emerging technologies must be developed in order to offer the best service.  
Active partnerships with hospitals are required to evaluate transfusion outcomes, as well to assess the clinical performance of new products.

How blood components contribute to academic research in many different areas of medicine and science.

We expect  excellent attendance at this inaugural BlooDHIT conference from a wide-spectrum of health and scientific professionals, as well as patient advocacy groups. We are seeking an additional  €5,000 contribution to the development of the registration and abstract submission portal, as well as conference App design. There are integral to the running of the conference and will help maximise attendance and communication of outcomes.

Award Date
26 April 2022
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Dr Allison Waters
Host Institution
Irish Blood Transfusion Service, National Blood Centre
Conference and Event Sponsorship Scheme