A Cognitive Occupation-Based programme for people with Multiple Sclerosis- a cluster randomised pilot trial to improve cognition and daily functioning for people with multiple sclerosis

The aim of this research is to test the feasibility of running a large-scale trial of an occupational therapy intervention called a Cognitive Occupation-Based programme for people with Multiple Sclerosis. The study will focus on how acceptable the intervention is and how well the trial runs. Sixteen occupational therapists will run the COB-MS with 157 people with MS. 

This project has the potential to directly influence clinical practice and benefit the lives of people with MS, by enabling them to manage their disease symptoms in a positive way that allows them to live well with MS.

Cognitive impairments are common in multiple sclerosis and affect daily life in many ways.
“I’m not just gonna exist, I’m gonna live fully." (PMS11;Hynes & Forwell, In Press)
We propose a new way in which people living with MS can empower themselves to live active and fulfilling lives.

"It validates you. Yeah, you stop blaming yourself and the outside yourself says ’this isn’t you, this isn’t what makes you you." (PMS12;Hynes & Forwell, In Press)
We propose a novel intervention that enables people with MS who are experiencing difficulties with their cognition to live positively.

“It's not until you are in a very severe state with your cognition that you actually get attention and by then it is too late anyway.” [PE;Mc Auliffe & Hynes, In Press]

Here we propose an intervention that tackles cognitive difficulties early, allows patients to manage their own symptoms and is transferable to real-world situations. There is a developing body of evidence highlighting the role of cognitive rehabilitation, but there is still no definitive evidence for a validated holistic approach to cognitive rehabilitation, that focuses on daily life function.

Award Date
07 March 2019
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Professor Sara Hynes
Host Institution
National University of Ireland, Galway