7th Annual Public & Patient Involvement Summer School

Enhancing Public, Patient and Carer involvement (PPI) in health research was identified as a priority area within the HRB's Strategy 2016-2020 and reiterated in the Strategy 2021-2025. This includes a defined commitment to develop and promote PPI within the HRB and HRB-supported projects and programmes, as well as within the community at large.

The University of Limerick, as a lead site in the HRB's PPI Ignite Network, is committed to building capacity within our institution, our extramural partners and the entire National PPI Ignite Network, to foster high quality PPI in health research. The proposed PPI Summer School will provide intensive training and networking opportunities for academic and community stakeholders who wish to build skillsets necessary for engaging in effective PPI research. (NOTE: the proposed summer school is separate from and not funded through the PPI Ignite Network)

The 2022 PPI Summer School will take place at UL, June 23-24. We expect between 60-100 participants, including academic researchers, patients, carers, health practitioners and research managers.

Although this is our 7th annual summer school, we have modified the program, offering new workshops that were unavailable in previous years. We therefore expect to attract not only new participants, but return participants looking for new skills.

The Summer School programme will consist of 3 sessions of 3 parallel workshops (a total of 9 workshop slots). It will also include two plenary sessions and a dilemma café. We also include networking events, such as the participant dinner.

The primary outcome of this event will be a cohort of PPI-trained individuals from academia and community, well equipped to undertake high quality PPI health research. A summary of the Summer School will be disseminated via the HRB PPI Ignite Network's National Information Hub (https://ppinetwork.ie).

Award Date
26 April 2022
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Dr Jonathan Salsberg
Host Institution
University of Limerick
Conference and Event Sponsorship Scheme