RDGB meetings

The RDGB meets on a regular basis to review researcher requests to access the COVID-19 Data Research Hub. 

This is an rolling call for applications. 

To be considered at an RDGB meeting, an application must first be reviewed by the RDGB Secretariat and have undergone a preliminary review by the CSO. This process will take approximately 5 working days.

Only valid applications that are considered to be within scope will be forwarded by the Secretariat to RDGB members approximately 10 working days in advance of a scheduled meeting. The number of applications reviewed at each meeting may be capped. Applicants will be informed of the RDGB meeting where their application will be reviewed, following the initial CSO preliminary review.


Upcoming RDGB meeting dates:  

RDGB meetings are typically held monthly. Please see below meeting dates for April-November 2022

RDGB Monthly Meetings*      

Latest date for scheduling valid applicationsfor RDGB meetings

Latest date for receipt of researcher applications

26th April

12th April

5th April

31st May

17th May

10th May

28th June

14th June

7th June

27th September

13th September

6th September

25th October

11th October

4th October

29th November

15th November

8th November

* Arrangements for later meetings to be confirmed.