Published: 17 May 2023

Deaths among people who were homeless at time of death in Ireland, 2019

This feasibility study was commissioned by the Department of Health to address the need to improve understanding of premature mortality among people who are homeless nationally, and to provide more complete and accurate national data to inform policy.

This retrospective review collates data on all deaths in persons categorised as homeless at time of death in Ireland in 2019. Based on data extracted from closed coronial files nationwide, it includes information on the number of deaths, demographic data, circumstances of death, and cause of death.

This was the first Irish study to examine the number and cause of death in people who were homeless at the time of their death on a national basis. Findings demonstrated that people who were homeless when they died had a high prevalence of substance use, a high prevalence of other mental health issues and medical conditions, including epilepsy and blood borne viruses, and that they died prematurely.



  • Ena Lynn
  • Joan Devin
  • Sarah Craig
  • Suzi Lyons

Publication (PDF, 744 KB) Infographic (PDF, 447 KB)

Publication (PDF, 744 KB) Infographic (PDF, 447 KB)

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