Published: 11 January 2007

Primary Care R&D in Ireland

This report was prepared in response to a request to the HRB in early 2006 from the Association of University Departments of General Practice in Ireland (AUDGPI) to commission an independent report on research and development in primary care in Ireland. This report was commissioned by the Health Research Board of Ireland. It reports the results of an enquiry undertaken by Professor David Mant (Head of the Department of Primary Health Care, University of Oxford) in May-June 2006. The original data reported in Annexes 1, 3 and 4 were collated by Dr Louise Burgoyne (University College Cork). A list of the individuals and policy documents consulted is included in Annex 3. The consultancy agreement specified three tasks:

  • Review current investment and activity in primary care R&D in Ireland.
  • Identify the strategic priorities for the Irish Health Service Executive and the Health Research Board.
  • Make recommendations on the actions necessary to achieve these strategic priorities.

The structure of the Report reflects these tasks by identifying the need for primary care R&D in Ireland, describing the capacity of existing institutions to meet this need, and making recommendations to fulfil unmet need.

Publication (PDF, 495 KB)

Publication (PDF, 495 KB)

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