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HRB publishes new report on outputs, outcomes and emerging impacts

The report reviews 170 awards with a combined value of €49.5 million, which were completed in 2018 and 2019.

According to Maura Hiney, author of the report and Head of International Cooperation, Evaluation and Targeted Programmes at the HRB:

“This report clearly demonstrates that HRB strategy is driving positive change that is improving health, advancing healthcare and supporting innovation. This includes generating new knowledge, building capacity, and supporting policy and practice outputs, health sector innovations and enterprise outcomes.

"When we compare results over time, the data shows that HRB researchers continue to be highly productive, with increases across many metrics.”

The key trend is that our change in strategic direction, particularly since 2010, is reflected in the outputs reported. For example:

  • Increased engagement with policymakers, healthcare providers, and decision-makers, with the highest ever number of policy and practice outputs reported
  • Health Services Research publications have tripled since 2016–17 and half of all positions supported by HRB awards were in Health Services Research and Population Health Sciences
  • The numbers of award holders publishing in open access compliant journals or on open publishing platforms have increased since 2014 from 56% to 85%
  • HRB award holders collaborated extensively with international partners in 20 countries
  • Almost 40% of all staff supported were from a health and care background
  • HRB awards holders leveraged additional research funding of €2.02 for every €1.00 invested by the HRB.

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