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HRB publishes Health Research in Action 2021

The latest edition of this annual publication provides another lively snapshot of the powerful and wide-ranging impact that HRB and HRB-funded research is having on health and social care in Ireland.

Health Research in Action 2021 front cover

Welcoming its release, Dr Mairéad O'Driscoll, Chief Executive at the Health Research Board, says:

“We’re delighted to publish another edition of Health Research in Action. We love producing this publication every year, because it’s a wonderful opportunity to talk to lots of our researchers about their work and how its benefitting Ireland’s economy, its society, and, above all, its people, who are at the heart of everything that we do at the HRB.

“Health Research in Action 2021 features yet another great collection of research stories, all of which are bite-sized and engaging, and really demonstrate the impact of our work during that year.”

65 awards, worth a total of €47,938,615, were completed in 2021. Key outcomes from this research include:

  • 122 influences on policy or practice (e.g. new clinical guidelines, policy reports)
  • 240 research jobs supported (including healthcare professionals, biomedical scientists, social scientists and more)
  • 54 new methods or materials (e.g. assays, databases, training materials)
  • 18 new healthcare innovations (e.g. medical devices, therapies or interventions)
  • 252 engagements with public bodies and media
  • 93 instances of public, patient and carer involvement (PPI) in research.

Health Research in Action 2021 includes 20 success stories across four themes. These are:

  1. Strengthening Ireland’s health and social care
  2. Emerging discoveries to improve health
  3. a spotlight on dementia
  4. HRB evidence reviews for better outcomes.

Over the coming months, we will be sharing each of these 20 stories on our dedicated Health Research in Action webpage, and across social media, so do please stay tuned. We encourage you to join the conversation on Twitter @hrbireland, #HealthResearchInAction.

Thanks to @claireoconnell and all the HRB and HRB-funded researchers for helping us produce this year’s Health Research in Action. Sincere acknowledgement also to the public, patients and carers, as well as the health and social care professionals, that make so much of our work possible.