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HRB Ones2Watch 2019 Winner

Congratulations to Dr Aisling Smith from The Rotunda and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland who won the HRB Ones2Watch 2019 competition.

Dr Annalisa Montesanti and Dr Aisling Smith

Aisling won the votes of her peers at the event when she spoke about her research on heart function in babies born with Downs Syndrome.

'I'm really thrilled to have won. It's a fantastic win for our whole research team and will mean so much to all families and babies who are involved'.

Second place went to Dr Amirhoussein Jalali from University College Dublin who spoke about is work on risk calculators for prostate cancer, and third place went to Sunita Panda from Trinity College Dublin who described her work around decision making for caesarean sections.

The HRB wishes all three well in their future careers.