How to create impact with public and patient involvement (PPI)

The HRB along with the D1-Now project team from NUI Galway were invited by Elsevier’s Researcher Academy to talk about what is PPI, how to successfully integrate it into your research project and what is it like to be a PPI team member?

The webinar is available for playback here and is presented by three people.

  1. Dr Aoife Cahill, Programme Manager - R&D for National Health, HRB.
  2. Cameron Keighron, Member of D1 Now PPI group. Cameron is a 25 year old Type 1 Diabetic who is involved with the D1-Now Young Adult Panel (YAP) in Galway.
  3. Bláthín Casey, Post-Doctoral researcher at D1-Now, NUIG.

Registration with an email address is required in order to listen back.  The webinar is appropximaetly 42 minutes long.