You press SUBMIT – what happens next?

The HRB is maximising transparency about our grant application and panel review process. We have created two short animations that describe what happens to your grant application from the point when you press ‘submit’ until you get the results.

Screenshot of HRB you tube animation video

The animations are available on the HRB YouTube channel.

Explaining the move, Anne Cody – Head of Pre-Award at the HRB says,

‘Last summer 300 out of 312 researchers responding to a survey thought that it would be a good idea for us to open our doors to observers sitting in on HRB funding panels. We started this in September 2019 and feedback has been great. While this was a positive step, given the number of panels annually we won’t be able to have many people each year without impacting on the panels.

‘The idea for the animations also came from the research community through the survey. They simply bring people on the journey from of what happens to their applications once we receive it right through until we issue outcome letters. We believe that transparency is key and will continue to seek ways to ensure our processes reflect that'.

Watch - What happens before a panel meeting?

Watch - What happens at a panel meeting?