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Grant updates - Summer 2020

New HRB approach to clinical trials infrastructure, updates on awards in progress, and information on open, and soon to open calls.

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Applications in progress


35 eligible applications were submitted to the RCQPS COVID-19 2020 scheme. Applications are currently undergoing panel review which includes public reviewers. The panel meeting is scheduled for 25 August 2020.

New approach to clinical trials infrastructure

In 2020, the HRB is launching a number of calls for new investment in clinical trials infrastructure. In this next phase of investment, the HRB will build on national investments and adopt a co-investment model with the Health Service Executive (HSE), universities and other stakeholders to develop a world-class clinical trials infrastructure with the capacity to deliver high-quality clinical trials. There are three calls in this initiative now open for applications and these are listed in the 'Open calls' section below.

Upcoming calls

Collaborative Doctoral Awards in Patient-focused Research 2021

The call is expected to open in late September 2020 subject to HRB Board approval. Check the scheme notice for full details.

Open calls

HRB Clinical Research Facilities/Centres (CRF/C) 2021

The aim of the HRB Clinical Research Facilities/Centres call is to support/upgrade national CRF/Cs to international standing, increase accessibility to trials for patients and healthy volunteers, and improve the supports available to investigators to drive an increase in investigator-led clinical trials. The closing date for applications is 19 January 2021.

National Clinical Trials Coordination Programme 2020

This call will support a national clinical trials coordination programme that is aligned to the local supports of the existing clinical trials infrastructures to ensure a harmonised strategic national approach to the conduct of high quality multicentre clinical trials in Ireland. The closing date for applications is 7 September 2020.

Cancer trials in Ireland 2021

The overall goal of the new funding model for the HRB's investment in cancer trials in Ireland is to support an appropriate infrastructure, enabling Irish patients to access a diverse portfolio of high-quality, safe and compliant cancer clinical trials in Ireland. The closing date for applications is 15 January 2021.

HRB Impact Award 2021

The award will recognise a researcher or health professional working in any health-related discipline who at any time during their career, has made, or is making, an outstanding contribution to research that has had a significant impact on people’s health or on health policy or practice. The closing date for applications is 25 September 2020.

National PPI Network

The HRB and the Irish Research Council (IRC) are now inviting an application for the establishment of a National PPI Network aiming to support and further build capacity for high-quality PPI in research throughout Ireland. The deadline for submission is 28 August 2020.

SFI-HRB-Wellcome Biomedical Research Partnership

This is a rolling call. Check the scheme notice for full details.

US-Ireland Research and Development Partnership Programme

This is a rolling call. Check the scheme notice for full details.

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