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COVID-19 trial opening to Irish patients

Irish patients with COVID-19 can soon take part in the WHO Solidarity clinical trial for COVID-19 which will get underway across ten hospitals in Ireland in the coming days.

Medical equipment in ICU

The HRB is collaborating with the Department of Health, HRB Clinical Research Coordination Ireland, UCC and a network of clinical investigators throughout the country to get the trial underway. As one of 36 countries worldwide taking part, Irish researchers will evaluate potential COVID-19 treatments*. Participation in the trial is completely voluntary, patients will have to give consent and must be adults.

Speaking about the trial, Dr Mairead O Driscoll, Interim Chief Executive at the HRB, says,

‘While we hope to see decreasing numbers of people with COVID-19, we must ensure that people who do end up in hospital have the best possible chance of recovery – that is why it is important to enable Irish patients who want to take part in this trial to do so'.

‘These types of trials are possible in Ireland because of a national investment through the HRB in Clinical Trials Infrastructure and expertise over the past ten years. Having strong trial methodology, regulatory structures and an open approach to sharing findings internationally is crucial to develop strong evidence and to build public confidence in treatments or approaches to care'.

Read the Department of Health press release about the trial.