SFI-HRB-Wellcome Research Partnership

To support their new strategy, Wellcome is changing the way they support scientific research. A new range of discovery research funding schemes has been launched and these will open for applications in late summer 2021.

All current Wellcome funding schemes will close during 2021. Please check relevant scheme pages for final application deadlines. With the closure of these current calls, the SFI-HRB-Wellcome Research Partnership in its current form will also be changing. The partnership will continue to support all funded awards to completion, including any awards made following these final closing deadlines.

Science Foundation Ireland and the Health Research Board welcome the confirmation that researchers based in the Republic of Ireland will continue to remain eligible to apply for Discovery schemes under Wellcome’s new strategy, although co-funding from SFI and the HRB will no longer be required.  Irish researchers are strongly encouraged to review these new opportunities and to consider applying.  For further information please contact Wellcome Science teams

Building on the success of the SFI-HRB-Wellcome Partnership, both SFI and HRB look forward to new opportunities for collaboration with Wellcome, including approaches to address challenge areas of mutual interest.  SFI and HRB will keep provide updates on developments as they emerge.

Additional Information

Wellcome (formerly The Wellcome Trust) is a UK-based global charity. Its vision is to achieve extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. This is accomplished through a broad range of funding schemes supporting outstanding researchers and innovative research programmes in biomedical and clinical research, and the medical humanities. Schemes are open to applicants from the UK and overseas, including the Republic of Ireland.

The SFI-HRB-Wellcome Biomedical Research Partnership was established in 2010. Through this Partnership, Wellcome has been funding biomedical research in the Republic of Ireland. In line with their strategic research agendas, SFI and the HRB are co-funding successful applications with Wellcome under a variety of Wellcome funding schemes:
1.    Collaborative awards
2.    Seed Awards
3.    Investigator Awards
4.    Principal Research Fellowships
5.    Senior Research Fellowships in Clinical Science
6.    Senior Research Fellowships in Basic Biomedical Science
7.    Research Career Development Fellowships in Basic Biomedical Science
8.    Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships
9.    Career Re-entry Fellowships
10.    Clinical Research Career Development Fellowships

Detailed information for each scheme is provided on the Wellcome website (https://wellcome.ac.uk/funding/scheme-finder). Wellcome facilitates the peer review and evaluation processes for applications made under the Partnership.

Research funded under the Partnership must not comprise any component of the following:
1.    Research intended to create human embryos solely for the purpose of research or for the purpose of stem cell procurement, including by means of somatic cell nuclear transfer
2.    Research using human embryonic stem cells or tissues.

Wellcome may be willing to fund such research outside the Partnership agreement. If you wish to apply for funding for this purpose, please contact Wellcome for advice.  

Wellcome may also consider applications from the Republic of Ireland for other grant schemes. The Partnership agreement will not apply in these circumstances and funding would be provided in full by Wellcome. If you wish to apply for a funding scheme not covered by the Partnership agreement, please contact Wellcome for advice.



The Partnership funds researchers in the Republic of Ireland. Eligibility criteria vary across different funding schemes. Please read the guidelines for each funding scheme carefully.



Applications should be made directly to Wellcome. All applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Wellcome for advice in advance of submission.  Wellcome is responsible for the application assessment process and the final funding decision. Wellcome liaises with SFI and the HRB at each stage.

Because of their size and strategic importance, prospective applicants for Principal Research Fellows (PRFs) must first provide an expression of interest to SFI and the HRB. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact SFI or the HRB to discuss potential applications in advance of submitting an expression of interest to the PRFs. Consulting with Wellcome at an early stage of the process is of particular importance for this scheme.

Applications made to the Wellcome for this scheme must be accompanied by a letter of endorsement from SFI and the HRB. Please see the FAQ on this page for further details of this process. The decision to provide a letter of endorsement rests with SFI and the HRB; this decision will be final.


Queries about Ireland’s participation in this scheme and requests for endorsement
Email: contact(at)wellcome-ireland.com

Grant-specific queries should be directed to the Wellcome’s grants helpdesk
Email: sciencegrants(at)wellcome.ac.uk
Tel: 00 44 (0)207 611 5757

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