Research visits – Ulysses 2022

The HRB is partnering with the Irish Research Council’s (IRC) Ulysses travel grant to fund a number of research visits to France in three areas:

  • Patient-oriented and clinical research.
  • Population health research
  • Health services research.

Additional Information

The immediate aim of the Ulysses scheme is to foster new collaborations between researchers in Ireland and France by funding travel visits between two research groups (from Ireland to France and from France to Ireland) over the course of one year. The longer-term goal is to establish lasting professional networks of researchers and institutions. The scheme provides seed funding to begin the collaboration. Successful applicants are encouraged to develop their collaboration post-Ulysses by seeking large-scale funding from other sources.

Support is provided for short visits to partner institutions, and covers travel and subsistence costs.

Awards will be up to a maximum of €2,500 each to Irish- and French-based research partner(s) to cover travel and living expenses. Awards must be used between 1st September 2022 and 31st December 2023.




Irish-based academic researchers in third level institutions or publicly-funded research institutions.


The Irish partner(s) should submit an application form to the Irish Research Council (IRC). The French partner(s) should submit an application form to Campus France.

An application form and full details of the scheme can be found on the Irish Research Council website:

Please note that applications must be received by the Council by 4pm (Irish time) on 20th January 2022.

Applications received after this time will not be considered. Results will be announced in June 2022.


Irish Research Council,


Opening date
17:00 14-10-2021
Closing date
16:00 20-01-2022
Decision expected
June 2022
Next call expected