Proof of Concept technical model for ‘DASSL’ (Data Access, Storage, Sharing and Linkage) award 2019 (Closed)

The Proof of Concept model for ‘DASSL’ award 2019 (the DASSL model) aims to develop a proof of concept for technical infrastructure that will inform a national solution for the safe and controlled access, storage, sharing and linkage of research data and routinely collected health and social care datasets. It will go beyond establishing the technical infrastructure and take into account the potential for implementation and sustainability of such a model on a national scale. It will also consider other aspects of data sensitivity, data heterogeneity, legal and ethical issues, data quality, use of standards for importing and exporting data, and semantic interoperability.

A 12-minute webinar about the call is available at the link below.  The webinar will open immediately after the registration page.

The review panel will meet on the 4th of June - applicants will be expected to present their proposals to the panel.

Additional Information

We are now inviting collaborative teams with breadth and depth of knowledge in all the areas of the proposed Proof of Concept and appropriate cross-disciplinary and/or international expertise to apply.

The project includes four key objectives:

  • Confirm that the DASSL model remains international best practice and best practice for Ireland, and propose any adjustments as appropriate;
  • Develop test infrastructure for Irish health research that meets international standards of controlled data access, storage, sharing and linkage, and provides for an analytic platform;
  • Deliver a detailed report of the overall process of delivery and alternative options considered, outlining how the technical infrastructure could be scaled-up to national infrastructure and implemented;
  • Engage with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure user acceptance and to promote and leverage support for national infrastructure for secure access and efficient linkage of health datasets.

The award will be for a maximum of 24 months.


Researchers from HRB approved Host Institutions.


All applications must be made using the HRB Grant Electronic Management System (GEMS) GEMS will close automatically at the deadline.

The application must have been reviewed and approved by the signatory approver at the research office (or equivalent) in the host institution before it is submitted to the HRB. Therefore, applicants should ensure that they give the signatory approver sufficient time before the scheme closing date to review the application and approve it on GEMS. Please note that many host institutions specify internal deadlines for this procedure.


Aileen Sheehy
Email: asheehy(at)
Phone: +353 (0) 12345258

Opening date
13:00 30-01-2019
Closing date
13:00 10-04-2019
Decision expected
June 2019