JPND Transnational Call 2020: “Novel imaging and brain stimulation methods and technologies related to Neurodegenerative Diseases"

The EU Joint Programme on Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) is a member led initiative to foster a collaborative, coherent and coordinated approach to funding research in age-related neurodegenerative diseases. JPND launches this joint transnational call with a view to promoting research aimed at the development of novel and the advanced use of existing cutting-edge imaging and brain stimulation technologies related to neurodegenerative diseases


Additional Information

The aim of the call is to establish a number of ambitious, innovative, multi-national and multi-disciplinary collaborative research projects that will add value to the respective research areas: diagnosis, prevention and care. Please review the call text carefully for guidance on the aims, objectives and scope of the 2020 Call.



This is a joint transnational call: applicants must apply as part of a transnational consortium.

Researchers from Ireland can apply as coordinators or partners. If successful, researchers from Ireland will be funded by the Health Research Board up to the maximum amount for the call.

Applicants applying for funding from Ireland must be based at an eligible HRB Host Institution. While basic research is also encouraged within this call, HRB as a funder will not support costs of basic biomedical research.

The following conditions apply to the composition of consortia:

  •  Minimum of 3 partners from 3 different participating countries. These 3 partners should be eligible for funding by an organisation listed on the
  • No more than 2 partners can originate from the same country.
  • Maximum of 6 partners (excluding non-funded external collaborators participating with their own funding).
  • If the proposal involves at least one regular partner from an EU-13 country (e.g. Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Turkey), the maximum number of regular partners can be extended to seven partners.
  • For reasons of transnational balance, no more than two regular partners from the same country are allowed to join a proposal.

Individual country partners/coordinators should confirm eligibility with their national funding organisation contact point. Further country specific guidance can be found on the call page



Proposals must be submitted to the Joint Call Secretariat (JCS) by the coordinator through the JPND electronic submitting system exclusively (, using the mandatory submission template. Further details can be found in the call text. The call is a two-step application, with a first stage (pre-proposal submission) deadline of March 3rd 2020. Invitations to submit full proposals will be issued in May 2020 with a full proposal submission deadline of 30th June 2020.

Full details on the call for proposals, including scope of the call, evaluation process, eligible costs, and participating countries are available on the call website. Applicants from Ireland must read the HRB Guidance notes and FAQ for the scheme – eligibility requirements from applicants from Ireland will apply. While basic research is also encouraged within this call, HRB as a funder will not support costs of basic biomedical research.

Please bear in mind that costing of finances in proposals may have to be signed off by the host institution's administrative department. Please allow sufficient time for these additional processes. Any late applications will be rejected.

  • Whilst applications will be submitted jointly by groups from different countries, individual research groups in successful projects will be funded by the individual PerMed funding organisation(s) within their country.



Review all guidance notes on JPND website: ,

HRB Guidance and FAQ, and apply through the submission tool



General enquiries:

JPND Call Secretariat, Dr Sabrina Voß, (+49) 228-3821 2111/ Dr Vera Monter-Telgen (+49) 228-3821 2111

Applicants from Ireland who still have questions after reading the information on the Call website, the HRB Guidance notes, and HRB FAQ can contact Dr Louise Drudy at HRB  (


Opening date
10:00 07-01-2020
Closing date
16:00 03-03-2020