HRB Clinical Research Facilities/Centres (CRF/C) 2021 (Next call TBC)

In 2020, HRB is launching a number of calls for new investment in clinical trials infrastructure. In this next phase of investment, HRB will build on national investments and adopt a co-investment model with the Health Service Executive (HSE), universities and other stakeholders to develop a world-class clinical trials infrastructure with the capacity to deliver high-quality clinical trials.  

HRB is now launching a new national call for Clinical Research Facilities/Centres (CRF/C). This is aimed at supporting the infrastructure, governance, and the skills and expertise to enable high-quality, safe, and compliant clinical trials and other interventions.  This national investment in existing CRF/Cs is intended to transform the quality, capacity and accessibility of clinical trial infrastructure across Ireland.

Additional Information

The purpose of this call is to improve patient access to high-quality, compliant, safe trials in Ireland and increase the number of high-quality clinical trials (investigator and industry-led) in Ireland to lead to improvements in clinical care through:

  • Growing capacity for investigator-led clinical trials (with specific supports such as trial design aimed at supporting investigators)
  • Contributing to operations to ensure quality/safety (Operations /Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager/Director of Nursing/Data Lead ….)
  • Supporting training of the investigator community
  • Leveraging local research strengths
  • Stimulating and formalising further co-investment in infrastructure.

For the purposes of this national call, one CRF/C per Hospital Group, plus Children’s Health Ireland will be invited to submit an application for investment. Eligible CRF/Cs are located at:

  1.  Wellcome Trust-HRB-CRF at St. James Hospital in Dublin (hosted by Trinity College Dublin)
  2. HRB-CRF Cork at the Mercy Hospital and Cork University Hospital (hosted by University College Cork)
  3. HRB-CRF Galway at University College Hospital Galway (hosted by the National University of Ireland Galway)
  4. UCD CRCs at The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and St Vincent’s University Hospital (hosted by University College Dublin)
  5. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland CRC at Beaumont Hospital (hosted by Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)
  6. The Health Research Institute Clinical Research Support Unit at Limerick University Hospital (hosted by University of Limerick) and
  7. Children’s Health Ireland (various academic partners).

Applications must be submitted through a recognised HRB Host Institution (academic partner). Applications will be submitted on behalf of a team, with two Co-Lead Applicants, one of whom must be the CRF/C Director, and another must represent the Hospital or Hospital Group. 


All applications must be made using the HRB Grant Electronic Management System (GEMS)  . GEMS will close automatically at the deadline (January 19th 2021). Applicants from the named CRF/Cs above will be invited to apply.

The application must have been reviewed and approved by the signatory approver at the research office (or equivalent) in the host institution before it is submitted to the HRB. Therefore, applicants should ensure that they give the signatory approver sufficient time before the scheme closing date to review the application and approve it on GEMS. Please note that many host institutions specify internal deadlines for this procedure.


Dr Susan Quinn


Opening date
14:00 29-07-2020
Closing date
13:00 19-01-2021
March 2021
Decision expected
July 2021