ERA PerMed Joint Transnational Call (2022): “Prevention in Personalised Medicine”

The development of Personalised Medicine (PM) approaches is complex, interlinked and global in nature. It requires truly multidisciplinary, cross-sectoral and transnational collaborations. ERA PerMed, a European Research Area network of research funders, with thirty two partners across twenty three countries seeks to facilitate these collaborations to bring Personalised Medicine into practice. ERA PerMed aims to align national research strategies, promote excellence, reinforce the competitiveness of European players in PM, and enhance European collaboration with non-EU countries. This joint call for proposals aims to foster research on prevention in personalised medicine. The aim of this call is the development of tailor-made strategies for prevention of disease and disease progression, taking into account important new considerations such as the integration of citizens’ needs and reimbursement strategies to allow equal access. Please see the Call text on the ERA PerMed website for further details.

Additional Information

Thirty two funding organisations have agreed to launch a Joint Transnational Call (JTC, 2022) for collaborative innovative research projects in Personalised Medicine on “Prevention in Personalised Medicine”. 

The overarching goal of ERA PerMed 2022 is the development of tailor-made strategies for prevention of disease and disease progression, at three different levels:

  • Preventive measures decreasing the rate of incidence (primary prevention),
  • Early detection to increase the efficacy of a preventive therapy, even before symptoms are developed (secondary prevention),
  • Interventions preventing disease recurrence or improving patients’ care and quality of life (tertiary prevention). 

Research on prevention from over-treatment or overmedicalisation in primary, secondary and tertiary personalised preventive approaches is optional and could be part of research proposals, if applicable. 

As personalised medicine is non-disease-specific, but rather an overall approach that can be adopted and adapted to a multiplicity of medical conditions, research projects in every disease entity are encouraged.

The overall objectives of the call are:

  • To support translational and transnational research projects in the field of PM;
  • To encourage and enable interdisciplinary collaborations towards the implementation of PM, combining pre-clinical or clinical research with bio-informatics components as well as ethical, legal and social aspects research or implementation research, including health economics;
  • To encourage collaboration between academia (research teams from universities, higher education institutions, public research institutions, research centres), clinical/public health research (research teams from hospital/ public health, healthcare settings and other healthcare organisations), private partners e.g. SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) as well as policy makers, regulatory/HTA agencies and patient organisations. 

ERA PerMed strongly encourages the active involvement of members of the public in the proposed research projects. Applicants are also strongly encouraged to integrate sex and gender considerations as well as underrepresented populations (e.g. ethnic minorities), or underrepresented patient sub-groups (e.g. children or elderly).

Please review the published call text for full details of the research areas,aim,objectives and scope of the call  on ERA PerMed website


Only lead applicants from Ireland working in a recognized HRB Host Institution are eligible for HRB funding in this call. Please see Policy on Approval of HRB Host Institutions.

This is a joint transnational call: applicants must apply as part of a transnational consortium. Researchers from Ireland can apply as coordinators or partners. If successful, researchers from Ireland will be funded by the Health Research Board up to the maximum amount for the call. 

Individual country partners/coordinators should confirm eligibility with their national funding organisation contact point.

Main Eligibility Criteria

  • Only transnational projects will be funded.
  • Each consortium must involve funded partners (Principal Investigators) from at least three different countries participating in this call.
  • The project coordinator must be eligible to be funded by his/her regional/national participating funding organisation.
  •  At the pre-proposal stage the maximum number of partners per project is six. At the full-proposal stage, the consortium may be expanded to up to seven partners in total only by including one partner from an underrepresented country
  • At least two partners out of a minimum of three eligible project partners in the consortium must be from two different member states or Associated Countries.
  • Within one consortium, no more than two partners from the same country participating in the call will be accepted, including those partners with their own funding.
  • No more than one partner with own funding is allowed in the consortia with at least three partners eligible for funding.
  • It is mandatory to integrate at least one early-career researcher as principal investigator in a consortium.
  • To facilitate the integration of patient organisations in consortia, they can be added to a consortium as additional partners at the pre-proposal stage or the full-proposal stage.
  • No more than two consortium partners per country can request funding, including patient organisations.

Electronic proposal submission is mandatory on: PT-Outline

Full details on the call for proposals, including scope of the call, evaluation process, eligible costs and participating countries are available on the ERA PerMed website. Applicants from Ireland must read the HRB Guidance notes and FAQ's for the scheme-eligibility requirements from applicants from Ireland will apply.

  • Whilst applications will be submitted jointly by groups from different countries,individual research groups in successful projects will be funded by the individual PerMed funding organisation(s) within their country.

A two-step submission and evaluation procedure has been established for joint applications: pre-proposals and full-proposals. Proposals must be written in English and must be submitted to the Joint Call Secretariat (JCS) by the project coordinator via the electronic submission system PT-Outline

(See ERA PerMed website for further details)


General Queries:

Joint Call Secretariat (JCS 2022) at:French National Research Agency (ANR), 50 Avenue Daumesnil, 75012 Paris.

Monika Frenzel, Michael Joulie
e-mail: ERAPerMed(at) 

Applicants from Ireland who still have questions after reading the information on the Call website, the HRB Guidance notes and HRB FAQ's can contact Dr Louise Drudy at HRB email eujointprogrammes(at) 

Opening date
12:00 01-12-2021
Closing date
16:00 17-02-2022