Conference and Event Sponsorship Scheme (CES) 2023

The Conference and Events Sponsorship Scheme aims to create an opportunity to host health research related events, workshops, or conferences in Ireland.

The specific objectives of the HRB Conference and Event Sponsorship Scheme are to:

  • Build capacity and support initiatives that underpin HRB strategic objectives in areas of national priority
  • Promote the impact of health research, data and evidence for patient care and health service delivery
  • Create opportunities for strategic national and international collaboration 
  • Position Ireland as a leader in health research

Additional Information

The Health Research Board (HRB) streamlines its sponsorship activities via the HRB Conference and Event Sponsorship (CES) Scheme and ensures that all the events, workshops, and conferences we sponsor are assessed using consistent criteria.

The HRB Strategy 2021-2025, Health Research - Making an Impact sets out how we will advance health research, data and evidence to benefit Ireland’s people, society and economy. We are committed to ensuring that research and evidence are translated into important breakthroughs that improve people's health, deliver new treatments, and inform health policy and practice.  We want to position the HRB as a trusted objective source for health research and evidence to guide policy, inform decision-making and influence behaviour. To support this, we aim to communicate the impact of HRB work clearly and effectively to defined audiences in order to build awareness, reinforce credibility, and build trust.

The CES scheme creates the opportunity for the health research community to work with us in a structured way to achieve this. These conferences and events will help increase recognition of the value of health research, data and evidence to improve patient care and inform health policy and practice.


Applications should be made by

  • An Institution, Organisation or registered charity with a remit linked to health research or
  • A researcher funded by the HRB in the three years previous to the closing date of this scheme.

Applications must be completed and submitted through the HRB online Grant E-Management System (GEMS) ( 


Marta Pisarska 

HRB Post-doctoral Intern 

Research Strategy and Funding

Health Research Board



Opening date
13:00 11-01-2023
Closing date
13:00 08-02-2023
Decision expected
April 2023

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