Conference and event sponsorship scheme 2020

The overarching aim of this scheme is to create an opportunity for Institutions, Organisations, and for researchers funded by the HRB, in the three years previous to the closing date of this scheme, to apply for funding to host health research related events, workshops or conferences in Ireland.

These conferences and events should help increase recognition of the value of health research to improve patient care and inform health policy and practice. They should also provide an opportunity to enhance Ireland’s position as a leader in health research internationally.


Additional Information

This scheme will help to fund or part-fund:

  • Workshops/seminars (typically 50-100 people) with a specific focus on health research areas supported by the HRB and in line with our strategy. These can include, but are not restricted to:-
    • Summer schools that focus on a specific topic
    • Workshops to develop a research strategy for a particular area in Health
    • Seminars that help increase awareness of research outcomes or a particular research need in a specific area
  • National conferences (typically 100+ people) to promote findings, share knowledge, increase collaboration or discuss strategy or policy in health research areas linked to national and HRB research
  • International conferences (typically 300+ people) that will help build Ireland’s reputation in a specific health research area
  • Events that help promote health research outcomes or highlight health research issues to key groups of typically 100+ stakeholders and/or the public. This could include, but are not restricted to exhibitions, discussion series or award ceremonies to recognise excellence in the area of health research and/or innovation.

The specific objectives of this HRB conference and event sponsorship scheme are to: -

  • promote the impact of health research, information and evidence for patient care and health service delivery;
  • build capacity and support new initiatives that underpin HRB strategic objectives and in the areas we say that we will strengthen;
  • create opportunities for strategic national and international collaboration at all career stages;
  • position Ireland as a leader in health research.



This scheme is open to Institutions or Organisations with a remit linked to health research, and to researchers funded by the HRB at any career stage, in the period of up to three years before the closing date.



All applications must be made using the HRB Grant Electronic Management System (GEMS)

GEMS will close automatically at the deadline.


Claire Erraught
Email: sponsorship(at)
Tel: +353 1 2345751

Opening date
14:00 21-01-2020
Closing date
13:00 28-02-2020
Decision expected
End-March 2020
Next call expected