Clinical Research Infrastructure

To date the HRB has invested over €100 million to support the development of strong patient-focused clinical research infrastructure in Ireland, to improve people’s health and enhance the Irish healthcare system.

The HRB offers funding for clinical trials through the Definitive Interventions and Feasibility Awards.

 For more information about the upcoming calls please visit the Funding Scheme​​​​​​​ page.

Cancer Trials Ireland

Cancer Trials Ireland is one of the leading cancer research trials organisations in Ireland. Funded by the Health Research Board, the Irish Cancer Society,   public donations and industry, Cancer Trials Ireland's everyday functions include planning, opening, coordinating, supporting, monitoring and auditing cancer trials in Ireland. Cancer Trials Ireland provides training and supports the development of cancer trials research units around the country as well as engaging with stakeholders nationally and internationally to influence and set cancer policy. Follow @cancertrials_ie

HRB Trials Methodology Research Network

HRB-TMRN serves to strengthen the methodology and reporting of trials in health and social care in Ireland. They offer researchers support on challenging aspects of trial methodology and reporting of trials, through guidance of individual researchers, to CRFs and other research infrastructures and to organisations. HRM-TMRN also provides training and education programs with the aim of advancing trials methodology research in Ireland. Follow @hrbtmrn

HRB Clinical Research Coordination Ireland

HRB-CRCI provides centralised support in the conduct of multicentre academic and commercial clinical trials across Ireland. HRB-CRCI is currently funded by the HRB and Enterprise Ireland and supported by the five largest Irish universities, and is hosted by Clinical Research Development Ireland (CRDI).  HRB-CRCI acts as a signpost for services available to researchers and provides a National Feasibility Service for national and international pharmaceutical companies interested in conducting multicentre trials in Ireland. Follow @hrb_crci

HRB Clinical Research Facilities (CRF)

HRB-CRFC has been in operation since 2011 and is a collaboration between Cork University Hospital, Mercy University Hospital and University College Cork. HRB-CRFC provides the dedicated infrastructure, physical space, facilities, expertise to support clinical trials. Follow @CRF_Cork


HRB-CRFG has been in operation since 2008 and completed its facility in 2015. It is a collaboration between Galway University Hospitals, Saolta Hospital Group, and NUI Galway. The HRB-CRFG provides the dedicated infrastructure, physical space, facilities, expertise and culture to support pre-clinical research and clinical trials. Follow @CRFGHRB


WT-HRB-CRFSJH opened its facility in 2013 and is a collaboration between St. James’s Hospital and Trinity College Dublin. The facility was funded by the Wellcome Trust and the HRB. WT-HRB SJH provides the dedicated infrastructure, physical space, facilities and expertise to facilitate the conduct of high quality safe clinical research. Follow @SJHCRF


Clinical Trial Networks

The HRB Irish Critical Care Clinical Trials Network is led by Professor Alistair Nichol, UCD and St Vincent’s Hospital. This network conducts clinical trials with critically ill patients in Intensive Care Units (ICU) to improve patient outcomes and provide access to the latest innovations in care. HRB Irish Critical Care CTN encompasses more than 75% of all the ICU capacity in Ireland. Follow @ICCCTN


The HRB Mother and Baby Clinical Trials Network Ireland is led by Professor Fergal Malone, RCSI, and is a partnership between two successful perinatal research entities in Ireland – Perinatal Ireland and INFANT. The network focuses on the conduct of clinical trials to improve the health of women and babies in Ireland and around the world. The network brings together leading Irish obstetric and neonatal researchers, with an international reputation from seven of the largest Irish maternity hospitals. Follow @HRBMumAndBaby


The HRB Primary Care Clinical Trials Network Ireland is led by Professor Andrew Murphy, NUI Galway. The network conducts clinical trials in Irish primary care settings addressing important and common problems. The network is a collaboration between NUI Galway, RCSI, Queens University Belfast and the Irish College of General Practitioners. Follow @pmrycaretrials1


The HRB Stroke Cancer Trials Network Irelandis led by Professor Peter Kelly, UCD and the Mater University Hospital. The network conducts clinical trials to give Irish patients access to new treatments with the potential to prevent stroke, or to improve emergency treatment and recovery after stroke. The network works with eight Irish hospitals, six leading universities, all seven Hospital Groups and the Irish Heart Foundation.


The role of the Irish Research Nurses Network (IRNN), led by Deirdre Hyland, is to act as a resource for research nurses and midwives, allied healthcare professionals and patients through:

  • Providing regular updates for research nurses, allied healthcare professionals and patients on the changing guidelines and laws relating to the conduct of clinical research.
  • Serving as a vehicle for advertising research vacancies.
  • Organising annual conferences with a variety of speakers at the forefront of research and providing research nurses with the opportunity to present and share their work with their peers.

Follow @Irish_RNN


The National Centre for Advanced Medical Imaging (CAMI)

The National Centre for Advanced Medical Imaging was established in 2008 to develop research using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Ireland. The mission of CAMI is to act as a unified research imaging centre spanning basic and clinical studies. CAMI provides MRI infrastructure for patient-focused research studies and clinical trials aimed at improving our understanding and diagnosis of disease.