Horizon Europe

The Commission has published its proposal for Horizon Europe, an ambitious €100 billion research and innovation programme that will succeed Horizon 2020 (the current Framework Programme). Horizon 2020, will run until the end of 2020. The new programme will cover 2021-2027. Further details are available here

Further information

Ireland’s Preliminary Views on the 9th EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon Europe

Ireland has set out its preliminary position on Framework Programme 9, Horizon Europe, the successor to Horizon 2020. This paper was produced following a consultation with national stakeholders, government departments and agencies.


Independent top advisors call for increased EU investment in research and innovation for the sake of Europe's future

Europe must capitalise better on the knowledge it produces, and turn its innovation potential into economic growth. Research and innovation should be prioritised in EU and national budgets, with a doubling of the budget of the successor to Horizon 2020, the current EU research and innovation programme. And it should involve citizens in addressing global challenges through broadly mobilising innovation missions.

These are among the eleven recommendations presented to the Commission in a new vision for EU research and innovation, prepared by an independent high level group of leading experts chaired by Pascal Lamy, President Emeritus of the Jacques Delors Institute.

LAB – FAB – APP: Investing in the European future we want, Report of the independent High Level Group on maximising the impact of EU Research & Innovation Programmes