EU initiatives

The HRB is also involved in cofunding a number of European initiatives as well as participating as a partner in a number of awards.

The HRB recognises, values, and supports engagement in EU-funded research as a fundamental tool to increase the impact research has on society and the economy. The HRB is open to considering new EU cofunding partnerships for facilitating engagement of Irish health researchers at EU level.

A Strategy for Engagement in EU Research has been developed that is fully integrated into the systems and procedures of the HRB.

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For more information please contact either Dr Patricia Clarke or Kay Duggan-Walls.

Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs)

Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) aim to pool national research efforts to make better use of Europe's limited public research and development resources and tackle common European challenges more effectively. Participating countries agree on a voluntary basis and in a partnership approach on common strategic research agenda's (SRAs) to be implemented jointly.

The aim of this Joint Programme on Neurodegenerative Diseases (JPND), in particular Alzheimer's Disease is to accelerate progress in understanding the causes of these debilitating conditions, leading to an early diagnosis, the development of new treatments and prevention and the provision of more effective medical and social care to improve the quality of life for patients and care givers.

The HRB and SFI are members of the Management Board of JPND.

View call now open on Transnational Call on Health and Social Care for Neurodegenerative Diseases.

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The aim of this JPI Healthy Diet for a Health Life is to understand the determinants of dietary, physical activity and sedentary behaviours and to translate this knowledge into a more effective promotion of a healthy diet and physical activity. Participation from Ireland involves the HRB, Department of Agriculture, Farming and Marine and Enterprise Ireland.

DAFM and SFI are members of the Management Board.

View call now open on Nutrition and the Epigenome.

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This JPI on Antimicrobial Resistance coordinates national funding and supports collaborative action for filling knowledge gaps on antimicrobial resistance with a One Health perspective. The mission for JPIAMR for the years 2020-2025 is “To join forces across nations by leading the alignment, coordination, and support to Antimicrobial Resistance One Health collaborative research and global policy activities”.

The HRB are members of the Management Board of JPIAMR.

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The JPI More Years, Better Lives – The Potential and Challenges of Demographic Change seeks to enhance coordination and collaboration  between European and national research programmes related to demographic change. This JPI follows a transnational, multi-disciplinary approach bringing together different research programmes and researchers from various disciplines.

There are no calls open at present.

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International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed)

The International Consortium for Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed) brings together over 30 European and international partners representing ministries, funding agencies and the European Commission (EC). Together, they work on coordinating and fostering research to develop and evaluate personalised medicine approaches.

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TO-REACH - transferring innovation in health systems

TO-REACH is a coordination and support action (CSA) to prepare a joint European research programme aimed at producing research evidence supporting health care services and systems to become more resilient, effective, equitable, accessible, sustainable and comprehensive (in Europe, and abroad).

The HRB is a partner in this CSA.

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European Research Area Networks (ERA NETs)

The Health Research Board is a partner in the ERA PerMed (2017-2022) a new ERA-Net Cofund Action on Personalised Medicine (PM), supported by 31 partners of 22 countries of ICPerMed and cofunded by the European Commission. It aims to align national and regional research strategies and funding activities, promoting excellence, reinforcing the competitiveness of European players in PM, and enhance the collaboration with non-EU countries.

ERA PerMed partners have decided to conduct together up to 4 Joint Transnational Calls (JTC) and to launch the first and cofunded JTC in order to fund international high quality research projects in PM.

ERA PerMed is thereby closely linked to ICPerMed and will foster the implementation of the Action Plan by funding transnational research projects in the field of PM.

ERA PerMed has launched the first Joint Transnational Call for Proposals, to support translational research projects in the field of Personalised Medicine and to encourage and enable interdisciplinarity, in combining pre-clinical and/or clinical research with bio-informatics components.

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