Extended until August 2020

The three-month tenure of the NREC COVID-19 has now come to an end. With the agreement of the Department of Health, the committee’s term will be extended until August.

The NREC COVID-19 will meet an additional three times during the extension period. The scope of research reviewed by the NREC COVID-19 will remain the same. If the number of applications for consideration at each meeting surpasses the committee’s capacity ahead of the deadline for submission, the Chair at their discretion and in consultation with the National Office, will necessarily prioritise applications for review by the NREC COVID-19.

NREC COVID-19 meetings

22 July 2020: not accepting submissions - application capacity has been met.

05 August 2020: not accepting submissions - application capacity has been met.

19 August 2020: deadline for applications 12 noon, 12 August 2020.


A single application form should be submitted for ethical review of health research studiess considered to be COVID-19-related.

The application form is also inclusive of an expedited review for those seeking a Consent Declaration from the Health Research Consent Declaration Committee (HRCDC), if required.

To support the expedited review process, applications should only be submitted if funding, or conditional funding, has been secured.

Download COVID-19 application forms


Completed application forms must be submitted to with the relevant documentation.

Please note:

  • Review the checklist to ensure all relevant documentation are included with the application.
  • Checklist must be submitted alongside application and relevant documentation.
  • Failure to submit the correct documents or submitting incomplete applications forms may delay the review process.
  • All applications should be signed (digital signature accepted) and dated by the Principal Investigator.
  • Funding or conditional funding should be secured before any application is submitted.

Guidance documents:


The Office for National Research Ethics Committees will undertake a validation check of each application to ensure the NREC COVID-19 receives a complete application.

Only valid and complete applications that have secured funding, or conditional funding, are forwarded to the NREC COVID-19  in advance of a weekly meeting. Depending on volume of applications received, the Chair of NREC COVID-19 in consultation with the Head of the Office for NRECs may necessarily need to prioritise applications for review in any given period to manage workflow and to seek to optimise review of the most time-critical research studies at that time.

If a consent declaration is also being sought, the Office for NRECs will liaise with the Secretariat of the HRCDC to forward applications to the HRCDC for consideration, where the review process will be carried out concurrently with that of the NREC COVID-19.

Need help? Get in touch

Please contact the Office for National Research Ethics Committees if you have any questions or queries about the process –

Should a study include a clinical trial of an investigational medicinal product (CTIMP), or a clinical investigation of a medical device, an application should also be submitted to the HPRA ( or for review.

Should your study require a consent declaration, please get in contact with the Secretariat of the Health Research Consent Declaration Committee secretariat at, and/or visit ,for pre-submission advice.