HRB logo use

HRB funded researchers and their agents may freely use the HRB logo when communicating about their research and/or results.

There are low resolution and high resolution versions available.

  • Low resolution versions are generally used with MS Word, PowerPoint, PDF files and other desktop publishing applications.
  • High resolution versions for professional graphic design applications like Adobe and Corel, etc.
In summary:
  • Do not pull, stretch or distort the logo in any way.
  • Low resolution versions are usually fine for desktop publishing applications like MS Word and PowerPoint files. The landscape version is preferred for this type of use.
  • Official reports, covers etc., should use the stacked version(s).

If you want to obtain copies of the logo or have any queries about using the logo, please contact the HRB Communications Office at e, or Brian Cummins, e

Download - HRB logo guidelines