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HRB Summer Scholarship opens doors to undergraduate research

Since 1996, the HRB Summer Student Scholarships have helped over 1200 of Ireland’s most talented undergraduates gain valuable experience and develop their skills in health research.

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To mark 25 years of this scheme, we explore what it’s all about, and why it’s so helpful to up-and-coming researchers. 

What exactly are the HRB Summer Student Scholarships? 

The scholarships involve students working on short health and social care projects, which are conducted under the supervision of qualified researchers during summer. 

What kind of project can I do? 

You can explore a topic that interests you within one of the three research areas supported by the HRB. These are:

  • Patient-oriented research
  • Health services research
  • Population health research 

What experience and skills will I gain? 

From learning new techniques to practicing critical thinking and communication, this scheme affords you experience across several aspects of the research process. Students develop a variety of skills and become immersed in an environment that fuels a passion for research. 


Curious to learn more about the benefits of being a HRB Summer Student Scholar? Here, some of last year’s scholars share their experiences: 

Gavin McDaid 

Medical student at University College Dublin

Scholarship highlight: Wide-ranging skills 

“I had an engaging and productive experience as a HRB Summer Scholar. I gained skills in critical communication, teamwork, literature review and analysis software.” 

Jenna O’Shea 

Applied Psychology student at University College Cork

Scholarship highlight: Independent research

Gaining experience in building and running my own project while conducting all the practical work myself was both enjoyable and rewarding. I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful supervision and direction I received.” 

Van Chester Gamas 

Intellectual Disability Nursing student at Trinity College Dublin

Scholarship highlight: Collaboration 

“Gaining an insight into research allowed me to see how collaboration and sharing knowledge can improve nursing strategies and approaches to care.” 

Lauren O’Mahony 

Public Health Sciences student at University College Cork

Scholarship highlight: Professional networking 

“My HRB Summer Scholar experience was extremely positive. I built professional networks, submitted an abstract to a medical research conference and look forward to my first peer-reviewed paper.” 

Lorraine Conneely 

Health Promotion student at Waterford Institute of Technology

Scholarship highlight: New understanding 

“As a HRB Scholar I gained a deeper understanding of research and learned that anyone is capable of conducting their own study, as long as they’re passionate, dedicated and willing to work hard.” 

Kinza Tabassum 

Occupational therapy student at National University of Ireland, Galway

Scholarship highlight: Career inspiration 

“The HRB Summer Student Scholarship will have a critical impact on my future career and study choices – it has inspired me to pursue a Masters through research.” 

Are you an undergraduate student eager to begin your own journey in health or social care research? Apply now! 

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