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Mild oxygen deficits to the brain at birth impact long term IQ and rate of disability

20 September 2016

A new HRB-funded study, shows that a mild blood or oxygen deficit at birth, which leads to a...

New programme to advance clinical research capability among doctors

13 September 2016

The scheme, which will be known as Wellcome – HRB Irish Clinical Academic Training Programme, will...

Register for the Launch of HRB CRCI

6 September 2016

There’s a great line up in place for the official launch of HRB Clinical Research Co-ordination...

Immune system plays major role in regulation of body weight

1 September 2016

New research involving a team of Irish, American and Canadian researchers reveals that the immune...

Got a great healthcare innovation?

18 August 2016

Submit an entry for the HRB Healthcare Innovation Award at the Irish Medical and Surgical Trade...

Screening tool proven to reduce adverse drug reactions among elderly patients

28 July 2016

A HRB-funded study has shown how a simple intervention can substantially reduce adverse drug...

Dialysis patients who smoke die earlier

28 July 2016

They also are less likely to get a transplant according to new research conducted at University...