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Healthy diets are good for the kidneys

16 November 2014

HRB-funded research by Dr Andrew Smyth at NUI Galway shows that healthy diets could reduce the...

Breakthrough in smoking and tuberculosis link

14 November 2014

HRB-funded research unlocks the mechanism linking smoking and increased TB risk. Discovery opens up...

€1.9 million for new medical charities research projects

13 November 2014

Five charities and eight research projects have secured funding in the latest awards from the joint...

New approach to successful community participation in Primary Care

7 November 2014

HRB-funded researchers at University of Limerick have developed a new guide designed to get genuine...

Cookbook for cancer recovery

4 November 2014

A cookbook to help cancer patients prevent serious weight loss during treatment has been produced...

€13.5 million for health research

29 October 2014

Cancer, asthma, kidney injuries and antibiotics are just some of the areas likely to benefit from...

New study on illicit drug markets published

23 October 2014

The study, commissioned by the National Advisory Committee on Drugs and Alcohol and conducted by...