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Joined up thinking to tackle dementia research

14 August 2014

The Health Research Board and Department of Health are partnering with Atlantic Philanthropies, to...

Asprin and breast cancer

13 August 2014

Researchers funded by the Health Research Board and Irish Cancer Society have discovered that women...

New insights into spread and survival of blood cancer cells

9 August 2014

HRB-funded researchers have identified an enzyme that has a key role in the spread and survival of...

Low selenium levels linked to bowel cancer

28 July 2014

New HRB-funded study indicates that higher selenium levels are associated with decreased risk of...

New HRB internship scheme coming soon

22 July 2014

Update 22 August 2014: The HRB Internship Programme has been launched. Details are available in the...

HRB-funded researchers feature in top world rankings list

1 July 2014

Congratulations to the three HRB funded researchers who have been named in the top one per cent...

We are moving to a new office

30 June 2014

From Monday 7 July 2014, our new address will be Health Research Board, Grattan House, 67-72 Lower...