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Happy Christmas from the HRB.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all the staff at the HRB
HRB and Atlantic Philanthropies to deliver research pillar of National Dementia Strategy

17 December 2014

The HRB and Atlantic Philantrophies are collaborating to fund research initiatives that will...

HRB reports latest drug-related deaths figures

15 December 2014

The number of drug-related deaths has decreased slightly from 645 in 2011 to 633 in 2012*,...

Medical Professionalism to be examined through new research project

3 December 2014

It is one of two new projects that will benefit from a €300,000 investment to address policy needs...

Varadkar announces research to improve patient monitoring in Emergency Departments

1 December 2014

The research is one of two new HRB-funded projects aimed specifically at tackling quality and...

HRB Red Alert - bloody art and bloody epidemics

25 November 2014

The HRB Red Alert Series is a series of events which are part of the BLOOD exhibition at the...

Healthy diets are good for the kidneys

16 November 2014

HRB-funded research by Dr Andrew Smyth at NUI Galway shows that healthy diets could reduce the...

Breakthrough in smoking and tuberculosis link

14 November 2014

HRB-funded research unlocks the mechanism linking smoking and increased TB risk. Discovery opens up...