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Why do we need you?

At the moment, each research proposal received by the HRB undergoes what is called an international peer review before a funding decision is made on whether or not the proposed research is of high scientific quality. Peer reviews are carried out by experienced researchers with expertise in the area of the proposed research and they ensure that the research we fund is of the best possible standard. Typically about 20-25% of applications are funded.

However these reviewers only provide a scientific perspective of whether the research being proposed is sufficiently relevant, timely and useful. What is currently missing is the perspective of people who use or are potential users of the health and social care system in which the research will take place.

By asking members of the public for their opinion, we can help to ensure that researchers ask the right questions and in a way that the public understand, in addition to making sure that the people participating in the research are approached in the right way. Therefore the HRB invites input from public reviewers to help improve the quality of the research that we invest in.

We do not expect you to be able to provide commentary on the scientific methodologies or theory. Rather we hope that through your lived experience and your perspective as a member of the public or a patient, you will be able to comment on whether the research is in the best interests of the patient or general health of the population.

Recruitment for HRB public reviewer pilot - we're full

14 March 2017

We are delighted to report that the response from members of the public for this pilot initiative has far exceeded our expectations and we would like to thank everyone who has already expressed an interest in getting involved. 

Therefore at this stage we will not be accepting any more applications for this pilot.

However, if you think that you might like to be involved in any future public reviews of grant applications then you are welcome to register your interest and you will be included in our public reviewer database. If the scheme is extended you may be selected to conduct a future public review. (Due to the volume of applications / registrations, it may be a while before we can acknowledge your registration.) 

To register your interest, please download, fill in and return the form below via email to shendrick(at), or post it to:

Dr Siobhán Hendrick
Health Research Board
Grattan House,
67-72 Lower Mount St.
Dublin 2
D02 H638

Public Reviewer registration form

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