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HRB Grants and Fellowships

European research projects for the evaluation of health care policies, strategies and interventions for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Infrastructure and Special Initiatives
Opening Date:
10 December 2012
Closing Date:
21 March 2013

Ireland is currently participating in a member states-led initiative called the EU Joint Programme on Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) ( The initiative aims to take a more coordinated and coherent approach to funding research that will tackle a range of age-related neurodegenerative diseases, and has agreed a long term Research Strategy comprising basic, clinical and social and healthcare research priorities.

As part of the implementation of this strategy, on 10 Dec 2012 JPND launched a joint transnational call between 14 countries, including Ireland, to support research on appropriate approaches to understanding health care policies, strategies and interventions relevant for persons with neurodegenerative diseases, their families and carers.

Applications are invited from collaborative consortia of researchers from a minimum of three different countries participating in this call. Participants based in Ireland in successful consortia will be funded through the Health Research Board (HRB), to a maximum of €400,000. The call will be conducted simultaneously by the participating funding organisations in their respective countries and coordinated centrally, with a single proposal submission and peer review system.

WHAT is the aim of this call?

The aim of the call is to assess and compare pathways to care, through evaluating access to, the quality and the cost effectiveness of care provision and support for patients with neurodegenerative diseases (ND) across different care settings. Research will be supported which addresses the levels of both health / social care delivery at the macro level and at the individual level of persons with ND and their carers. Proposals may include research-based evaluation of interventions relevant for those with ND. Where appropriate, proposals should include validation and improvement of outcome measures that are relevant for persons with ND and their carers). Full details of the scope of the call can be found in the call text on this website ( ).

WHO should apply?

Only joint transnational research projects will be funded. Each proposal must involve a minimum of three and a maximum of eight (3-8) JPND-funded research groups. In participating countries joint transnational research proposals may be submitted by research groups working in universities (or other higher education institutions), non-university public research institutes, health and social care service settings, hospitals, as well as commercial companies, in particular small and medium-size enterprises. The eligibility of the afore-mentioned institutions are subject to the individual administrative requirements of individual funding organisations and may therefore vary from country to country. Information on which countries are participating in this call, together with country-specific specific eligibility requirements, is available on the JPND website. ( )

WHAT can proposals include?

The total fund for this call is over €10m (for all participating countries). The funding available for successful bids involving research carried out in Ireland will be a maximum of ?400,000 over 36 months (inclusive of overheads and pension contributions). The maximum amount that funders in each country will contribute to their successful applicants can be found on this webpage( For investigators in Ireland the award will cover the costs of salary-related costs, small equipment costs, travel, direct running costs, knowledge and dissemination costs and overheads.

HOW do I apply?

The coordinator of each proposal must submit a single application via the electronic submission system on the following site ( The proposal template must be used when submitting the application, which can be downloaded from the JPND website, along with the call text (detailing the aim and scope of the call, eligibility and submission details, the evaluation process and assessment criteria, reporting requirements), country-specific requirements, and Frequently Asked Questions ( /initiatives/2012-joint-transnational-calls/open-calls/healthcare-evaluation/). These documents should be consulted in addition to the HRB Guidance Notes and HRB FAQ on this page.  

It is the responsibility of the applicants in each country to ensure that their host institution(s) have reviewed and approved all costings prior to submission. Please allow sufficient time for these additional processes. Any late applications will be rejected.

Further information is available in the HRB Guidance Notes and the HRB FAQ below.

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