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Grant-related forms

This page is for current HRB principal investigators (PIs). Relevant policies and forms required by PIs are posted here. If you have any queries please contact grants(at)

Grant report forms

All HRB grant holders are required to submit an annual report during the grant period and an end of grant report upon completion of the grant. Holders of large programmatic grants are additionally required to submit a interim research report prior to the interim review of the programme. For other types of grants, such as infrastructure awards and PhD scholars programmes, the grant holder may be required to complete a specific report template or more regular progress reports, depending on the particular award. All grant holders will receive an official notification from the HRB when a grant report is due for submission. The main report templates can be downloaded below. Any other required reports will be sent to the grant holder as an attachment to the notification email.

Employment of research students/staff

The grant holder should download and complete a separate copy of the Personnel Information Form, below, for each person employed directly under the grant and return the completed form(s) by post to the corresponding project officer in the HRB.

If the researcher (staff or student) is replaced during the grant please complete a new form and return it to the HRB.

For researchers in receipt of a HRB Fellowship Award, the Personnel form below should be completed instead.

If a postgraduate student or staff member has taken maternity leave, paternity leave, adoptive leave or paid sick leave, please complete the Social Benefits Payment Form below.

Changing the details of your grant

For all changes to the start or end date of a grant, or changes to the PI's contract details please use the Grant Details Amendment Form and return it to the HRB. Where the change involves a no-cost extension to a grant, PIs should also refer to the relevant policy and use the No-cost Extension Form. Where a PI wishes to reallocate the cost categories of an award (outside the permissiable limits - see policy) they should complete a budget reallocation form.

Where a PI wishes to move their award from one host institution to another they should refer to the procedures laid down by the HRB.

The policies relevant to these changes may be viewed in the Policies section of this website.

Grant reporting sample resources

If you require a sample template of a Gantt chart for planning or tracking progress you can find a sample Gantt chart below.

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