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Achievements and impacts

HRB30 Health Research in Action

Over the past 30 years HRB funding has achieved a lot. We want you to join us in sharing key outputs and outcomes from your HRB funded work on twitter using #hrb30.

To get the ball rolling we are going to share a small selection of recent success stories from our research funding portfolio which really show health research in action. 

You can view a summary infographic of some key statistics from awards completed in 2015 here.

You can download the Health Research in Action booklet below.

#HRB30 Stories behind the tweets

Software to avoid prescribing inappropriate medicines

21 December 2016

A study at the HRB Centre for Primary Care Research based at the RSCI found that more than a third of people aged over 70 are prescribed one or more ‘potentially inappropriate’ medicines that may cause more harm than good and...[more]

Solving the mystery of unexplained chest pains

21 December 2016

Sometimes patients have chest pains that seem to come from blocked arteries around the heart, but the tests show everything is fine because it is the smaller arteries around the heart that are often causing the trouble. This can...[more]

Leaking urine before, during and after pregnancy - a hidden problem until now

21 December 2016

HRB-funded research at Trinity College Dublin has found that women who experienced bedwetting as a child, and women who were obese were more likely to leak urine before their first pregnancy.

Women who were overweight, aged 35...[more]

Restoring sight

20 December 2016

In an attempt to restore his deteriorating sight, Patrick Godfrey recently had the first cornea-limbal stem cell transplant in Ireland.

The transplant provides a new outer layer of stem cells on the cornea, allowing light to...[more]

Reaching into lungs – a new approach to early biopsies

20 December 2016

HRB-funded research at University College Cork has developed computer software to build models of a patient’s airways and assess suspicious growths based on CT scans. They also developed a device that can be guided through the...[more]

TB or not TB - boosting the immune response against an ancient killer

20 December 2016

Tuberculosis is a killer, and the bug that causes it is developing resistance against the drugs we have to treat it. HRB-funded research at Trinity College Dublin has discovered one way that our immune systems ‘switch on’ defence...[more]

Improving breast cancer treatment

19 December 2016

When Anne-Marie Meenan was diagnosed with Breast Cancer her oncologist gave her the opportunity to participate in the breast cancer clinical trial called Tailor X.

This trial uses a genetic test to predict whether chemotherapy...[more]

Shining a light on ‘hidden dementia’ in hospitals

19 December 2016

The HRB-funded Cork Dementia Study analysed patients aged over-70 in Cork hospitals and found that 25% of the patients had dementia, rising to 37% prevalence in smaller rural hospitals. Many patients had not been previously...[more]

Targeting epilepsy: a new way to control seizures

19 December 2016

Around one person in every 100 has epilepsy, where over-communication within the brain leads to seizures. HRB-funded research at the Royal College of Surgeons has found a way to target a ‘master regulator’ of how brain cells...[more]

Mother and baby health

16 December 2016

Grainne Foley, whose baby was diagnosed with a potentially dangerous growth restriction in the womb said she was delighted to have the comfort of extra scans as a result of being part of a clinical trial.

Her baby boy was born...[more]

Info for implants: replacing all your lost teeth

16 December 2016

A HRB-funded study at Trinity College Dublin and the Dental Hospitals in Dublin and Cork looked at older people who had lost all of their teeth and found that: Only 15% of people in the study chose dental implants over removable...[more]

Smoking bans work: evidence for health benefits

16 December 2016

In 2004, Ireland became a global pioneer in banning smoking in the workplace, and many other countries and jurisdictions have followed suit. Now HRB-funded research at University College Dublin has shown strong evidence that...[more]


15 December 2016

Paul Lambe was driving through the Dublin Port Tunnel when he experienced a massive stroke.

He was rushed to hospital where he received a new treatment as part of a clinical trial in Ireland, namely clot-busting drugs followed...[more]

A key part of the puzzle for a vaccine to tackle MRSA

15 December 2016

MRSA, where Staphylococcus aureus bacteria have become resistant to antibiotic treatment, is one of the most infamous ‘superbugs’. HRB-funded research at Trinity College Dublin has discovered that a type of immune cell called a...[more]

From bugs to drugs: using bacteria to deliver medicines to tumours

15 December 2016

When cancer spreads in the body, tumours can be hard to find. But not for bacteria - researchers at University College Cork have engineered bacteria that can find tumours and load them up with genes to make anti-cancer drugs on...[more]

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