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Building Ireland's clinical research infrastructure

3 December 2015

Patients who have either been on a clinical trial, or benefited from the results of a clinical trial, got tell their stories directly to the Minister for Health.

Patients with Graham Love and Leo VaradkarProf Peter Kelly and Paul LambeHRB Clinical Research Infrastructure

According to Graham Love, Chief Executive of the HRB,

'The patients and their stories were the stars of this event. And they made the best possible advocates for what we, as a community, have been doing to develop Ireland's clinical research infrastructure. The Minister got to hear first hand how the HRB-funded community is making a real difference in the Irish healthcare system.

You can read Paul Lambe’s story elsewhere on our website and in the Irish Times.

'Our strategic investments in clinical research are also providing leverage to enable researchers to attract more trials and funding. I would like to congratulate HRB Clinician Scientist, Prof Michael O’Dwyer, on securing funding from the Irish Cancer Society and SFI to develop a blood cancer clinical trial group which will be co-ordinated through the HRB clinical research facilities in Dublin, Galway and Cork'.

Over the next five years Blood Cancer Network Ireland (BCNI) hopes to make novel drugs and treatments available to patients with all types of blood cancers across Ireland. The Irish Clinical Oncology Research Group (ICORG), funded by the HRB and ICS, will also be a partner in this national network. 

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