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Programme Manager - Core Competencies

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Programme Manager (Senior Researcher / R&I V / Services V grade)


  • Actively contributes to the development of the strategies and policies of the Department/ Organisation
  • Brings a focus and drive to building and sustaining high levels of performance, addressing any performance issues as they arise
  • Leads and maximises the contribution of the team as a whole
  • Considers the effectiveness of outcomes in terms wider than own immediate area
  • Clearly defines objectives/ goals & delegates effectively, encouraging ownership and responsibility for tasks
  • Develops capability of others through feedback, coaching & creating opportunities for skills development
  • Identifies and takes opportunities to exploit new and innovative service delivery channels

Analysis and Decision Making

  • Researches issues thoroughly, consulting appropriately to gather all information needed on an issue
  • Understands complex issues quickly, accurately absorbing and evaluating data (including numerical data)
  • Integrates diverse strands of information, identifying inter-relationships and linkages
  • Makes clear, timely and well grounded decisions on important issues
  • Considers the wider implications of decisions on a range of stakeholders
  • Takes a firm position on issues s/he considers important

Management & Delivery of Results

  • Takes responsibility for challenging tasks and delivers on time and to a high standard
  • Plans and prioritises work in terms of importance, timescales and other resource constraints, re-prioritising in light of changing circumstances
  • Ensures quality and efficient customer service is central to the work of the division
  • Looks critically at issues to see how things can be done better
  • Is open to new ideas initiatives and creative solutions to problems
  • Ensures controls and performance measures are in place to deliver efficient and high value services
  • Effectively manages multiple projects

Interpersonal & Communication Skills

  • Presents information in a confident, logical and convincing manner, verbally and in writing
  • Encourages open and constructive discussions around work issues
  • Promotes teamwork within the section, but also works effectively on projects across Departments/ Sectors
  • Maintains poise and control when working to influence others
  • Instils a strong focus on Customer Service in his/her area
  • Develops and maintains a network of contacts to facilitate problem solving or information sharing
  • Engages effectively with a range of stakeholders, including members of the public, Public Service Colleagues and the political system

Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self Development

  • Has a clear understanding of the roles objectives and targets of self and the team and how they fit into the work of the unit and Department/ Organisation
  • Has a breadth and depth of knowledge of Department and Governmental issues and is sensitive to wider political and organisational priorities
  • Is considered an expert by stakeholders in own field/ area
  • Is focused on self development, seeking feedback and opportunities for growth to help carry out the specific requirements of the role

Drive & Commitment to Public Service Values

  • Is self motivated and shows a desire to continuously perform at a high level
  • Is personally honest and trustworthy and can be relied upon
  • Ensures the citizen is at the heart of all services provided
  • Through leading by example, fosters the highest standards of ethics and integrity

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