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Blood transfusions in critically ill patients – ‘freshest’ blood not necessarily the best

27 September 2017

A new clinical trial called TRANSFUSE, has found the age of transfused blood cells did not impact patient survival rates among critically ill adults. The findings end speculation that fresher blood may be superior for critically...[more]

How tuberculosis hijacks the immune system

24 August 2017

HRB-funded researchers at Trinity College Dublin and St James’s Hospital, working in a team with the University of Cambridge and University of Seattle, have identified a way that TB hijacks our immune cells in the early stages of...[more]

€8.3 million to support up and coming health researchers

15 August 2017

The new HRB Emerging Investigator Awards will enable researchers at the mid stage of their career to shift gear to become independent investigators. The HRB is investing €8.3 million through this scheme to support 11 researchers...[more]

HRB publish latest data from Irish psychiatric hospitals and units

25 July 2017

Young people, single people and depression continue to dominate admissions for psychiatric care.[more]

Research central to implementation of new National Drugs Strategy

17 July 2017

Research and evidence will form a key part of Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery. A health-led approach to drug and alcohol use in Ireland 2017-25. [more]

Setting national biobanking standards

13 July 2017

The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) have opened a public consultation process on a new ISO standard for biobanking.[more]

Disability Services - new HRB reports examine current service use and future demand

20 June 2017

The Health Research Board (HRB) has published the National Intellectual Disability Database (NIDD) and The National Physical and Sensory Disability Database (NPSDD) reports. Together, they review the latest information on...[more]

Funding to involve public in the research process from the start

30 May 2017

The Health Research Board and Irish Research Council have announced a new €1.75 million initiative to help researchers involve the public at the very start of the health research process. It is the first of its kind in Ireland. [more]

Newborn baby girls’ outcomes better than boys’ due to genetic advantage

25 May 2017

Newborn infant girls have better outcomes than their male counterparts due to an innate genetic advantage in responding to acute infections, according to new research from RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland). The research...[more]

Kids do their own randomised controlled trials – what did they find?

20 May 2017

Cloughan’s Hill National School Tuam Co. Galway claims first place in the HRB-TMRN START competition which is designed to increase young children’s understanding and awareness of randomised controlled trials. [more]

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