Improving breast cancer treatment

Anne-Marie Meenan

When Anne-Marie Meenan was diagnosed with Breast Cancer her oncologist gave her the opportunity to participate in the breast cancer clinical trial called Tailor X.

This trial uses a genetic test to predict whether chemotherapy is necessary as part of that particular persons treatment or not.

‘My initial thought was absolutely,’ says Anne-Marie. ‘By being on the trial I felt would have more information about my illness, an understanding of how likely it was to reoccur and whether I actually needed chemotherapy or not. In the end the test showed I did need chemotherapy. It was quite a tough course of treatment, but even at the most difficult points I was driven on by knowing the test had determined I needed to have this treatment for the best outcome’.

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Through the Ireland-Northern Ireland - US Cancer Consortium, the HRB initially provided funding to the Irish Clinical Oncology Research Group in 2002 to grow capacity for cancer clinical trials in Ireland. Now known as Clinical Trials Ireland and co-funded by the Irish Cancer Society, they have created the opportunity for more than 15,000 people in Ireland to participate in cancer trials.