Eating well when cancer strikes

Hot on the heels of the award winning The Cancer Fighting Cookbook, a second publication called 'Eating well with swallowing difficulties in cancer' has just been published by the same team from University College Cork, Cork Institute of Technology and Breakthrough Cancer Research.

Book cover in front of several examples of healthy foods including, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, apples

For patients with cancer of the mouth, throat, neck, oesophagus and stomach, eating frequently becomes an enormous challenge.

The recipes contained within this new cookbook are simple, nourishing and enjoyable -­­­­ more importantly, all of the recipes are easy to chew, swallow and were created specifically for patients who are losing weight.

Congratulations to HRB Summer Scholars, Ruth Elliott and Fiona Dwyer on their roles in the publication.

The book is available free to patients and more information can be found at: