Published: 28 November 2016

Annual report of the National Physical and Sensory Disability Database Committee 2015

This report presents data on the specialised health and personal social service use and requirements of people with a physical, sensory and/or speech and/or language disability. This report is divided into three sections: 1. Summary of numbers registered. 2. Profile of new registrations and recent reviews (2011-2015). 3. Current service use and future service requirement. Section 1 provides an overview of the total number of service users registered on the NPSDD as of December 2015, (22,813 people) and the community healthcare organisation (CHO) areas in which these individuals reside. Section 2 profiles only those records that have been registered or reviewed in the last five years (2011-2015; 13,710 people). Section 3 outlines current service use and future service requirements only for those records that were registered or reviewed in 2015 (5,021 people).


  • Sarah Hourigan
  • Anne Doyle
  • Anne Marie Carew

Publication (PDF, 1 MB)

Publication (PDF, 1 MB)

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