Published: 06 December 2012

A Picture of Health 2012

During the past three years, the Health Research Board has been taking a strategic approach to fund health research that will translate research discoveries into real benefits for people and the health service. The Picture of Health 2012 demonstrates just some of the outcomes and achievements that are emerging from our funded work. It features a broad range of health research projects, which capture the outcomes of a wide variety of health professionals as well as academics, who are not only delivering better treatments, but providing solid evidence for changes in approach to practice or policy.

The outcomes from 92 HRB grants completed included:

  • 17 new products and interventions in development;
  • 58 influences on policy and practice;
  • 1317 patients able to participate in cancer clinical studies;
  • 256 new national or international collaborations;
  • 113 research-related jobs across the health services and academia;
  • More than €14 million leveraged in additional research funding for Ireland;
  • 38 PhD students trained across a variety of health disciplines.


  • Claire O'Connell

Publication (PDF, 2 MB)

Publication (PDF, 2 MB)

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