One2Watch competition

We want applicants to convince us why you are 'One 2 Watch' and why your research matters. Four finalists will each have three minutes to convince the audience why they are the HRB One2Watch.

Applicants will be asked to submit a three minute long video of what would be your presentation on the day. This is essentially you talking to the camera (a smartphone). There is no need for things like graphics or slides to be mixed in. It is just you and the power of your words. On the day itself there are no slides, animations or sound effects allowed. It is just you in front of the audience.

Your presentation should focus on;

  • Why is your research important?
  • Why should the audience care?
  • What will your research and your findings mean for people, for patients, for health policy, or for the health service?
  • And what could, or should, change as a result of your work?

Entry will be by video submission only. You can record it on a camera phone. We will post more details on the exact submission process in the coming weeks.

Submission timeline

9.00 am 1 June 2019 Submission opens.

4.00 pm 14 June 2019 Submission closes.

September 2019 Finalists will be notified.