Has public and patient involvement (PPI) improved your research?

We’re looking for your stories about your experience of PPI.

We have a short form that asks a few simple questions. It should only take a few minutes to fill in.

You can download the PPI - Your Experience Form here, fill it in and return it to Sara Lord at ppi@hrb.ie

We would like to share some stories on our website (for instance your story with your first name and reference to the type of funding award).

We may also include it in future guidance documents for our public reviewers and for applicants (we will discuss this with you before publishing). It may be shared at various fora discussing PPI such as conferences and briefings.

You can talk about your experiences at any stage in the research cycle. The diagram below highlights just some of the possible ways the public and patients may have been involved.

This is open to all members of health research teams.

Download text from the image PPI in the research lifecycle