HRB Policy on research ethics

HRB Policy on research ethics

Guiding principles

The HRB observes policies on use of human subjects and use of animals. The role of ethical committees is detailed and guideline documents on ethical principles in research are available in this section.


Policy concerning research on human subjects or materials

Where necessary, written proof of ethical approval must be obtained before funding for successful applications will be approved by the HRB.

Where ethical approval is not required for work at the beginning of a project, funding will be approved on the condition that the grant holder will obtain ethical approval before it is required. The grant holder must produce written confirmation that proper approval will be obtained. This will allow for initial funding to go to the host institution. Any further instalments are subject to the same condition as outlined above.

Researchers should ensure the confidentiality of personal information relating to the participants in research, and that the research fulfils any legal requirements such as those of the Data Protection Act 1988


The specific HRB Policy on the use of Animals in research can be found here.