HRB Impact Award 2021 (next call due in 2022)

The award will recognise a researcher or health professional working in any health-related discipline who at any time during their career, has made, or is making, an outstanding contribution to research that has had a significant impact on people’s health or on health policy or practice.
Research impact has been defined as ‘an identifiable benefit or positive influence on society, public policy, quality of life and/or the economy’.

  • For the purposes of this award, we will be looking specifically at the impact of health research in relation to practice, people’s health, patient care and health policy.

This award will help increase recognition of the value of integrating health research into practice and policy to create a lasting impact on people’s health. It should also provide an opportunity to showcase Ireland’s position as a leader in health research internationally.

Additional Information

Award Details:

  • One HRB Impact Award will be conferred every two years.
  • The award will include a monetary prize of €50,000.
  • The winner will be invited to talk at the HRB Grant Holders Conference in 2021 about the impact of their work on health research, policy and practice today.
  • An award letter will be issued upon notification of award which will outline the use of funding and state the requirement for an annual report detailing any impact of award, research activities funded by award and spends.
  • The winner will also be profiled in HRB media and online communications.

Award Objectives:

  • Enhance recognition of the value of health research and the HRB's role nationally and internationally
  • Promote the impact of health research, information and evidence for patient care and health service delivery
  • Build and sustain strong relationships with all HRB stakeholders to enhance engagement and effect positive change in relation to health research.
  • Position Ireland as a leader in health research.
  • Nominees will have made a tangible, lasting impact on people’s health or on health policy or practice within the last 10 years.
  • Nominees must be a Principal Investigator who received funding from the HRB, or someone employed on a HRB-funded award who made a significant contribution to the work. This may have been at any time during their career, but it must be directly linked to the research that resulted in the impact on people’s health or on health policy or practice for which they are receiving the award.
  • Nominees must be working/have worked on the island of Ireland when pursuing the research related to the nomination.
  • Current HRB staff or Board members may not be nominated. 

All applications must to be submitted through the online application system, GEMS (

  • Nominees for the award may not nominate themselves. All nominations must be made by the head of a college, school or research institute; by the head of research and development; or by the secretary of a professional body.
  • Persons submitting more than one nomination should ensure that at least one nomination from the underrepresented gender is included.
  • Applications should be concise and clear, written in plain English and should avoid the use of acronyms, jargon or overly-technical language.
  • Each nominee must agree to be nominated and will be required to complete a form as part of the nomination process.
  • A letter of support from a person who has had personal/professional experience of the impact of the nominee’s work on people’s health or on health policy or practice is required.

Please see Guidance Notes for all details required in the application.

No nominations received after the deadline will be considered.



Emma McGrath

Email: emcgrath(at)

Opening date
14:00 10-08-2020
Closing date
13:00 25-09-2020
Decision expected
January 2021