Listening to the newborn brain

This outreach programme will provide dedicated public information and education resources on the neonatal brain stethoscope device, which aims to facilitate interrogation of the neonatal brain and improve the quality and accuracy of the diagnosis brain injuries, reduce the stress of parents with babies in the NICU and establish the foundations for a new line of technologies that will address important challenges in many areas of diagnostic medicine.

We aim to build a demonstration prototype that can be used at hands-on demonstration events. We will support the end-users by providing clear and understandable information, FAQs and guidelines coupled with in-person information and training material. We aim to publicize our research through creation of dedicated animations and videos, banners and pull-ups that will feature prominently in research days and dedicated clinical conferences. We will engage with different categories of healthcare professionals and hospital staff to enhance their understanding of the novel device and the role it will play in supporting clinicians and parents of sick babies worldwide, in particular those in resource limited settings. An event will be hosted on the 2018 INFANT Research Day that will link in with other HRB funded programmes to promote cross-disciplinary research in healthcare settings.

This programme will benefit families and healthcare professionals. Alongside the experience of interacting with a novel device, the programme will provide both the public and healthcare professionals from a range of settings with clear information about the new tool and the benefits it will bring to society and research communities.


Award Date
28 September 2017
Award Value
Principal Investigator
Dr Andriy Temko
Host Institution
University College Cork
Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme