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Irish Platform for Patients: Organisations, Science and Industry

IPPOSI was set up to facilitate co-operation between patients organisations, scientists, clinicians, regulators, industry etc, with a view to expedite the development of therapies, devices and diagnostics for the benefit of patients, as well as to facilitate the development of fledgling biomedical companies in this country. It provides a platform for dissemination of relevant information, particularly of a legal, regulatory and legislative nature relating to therapy development and healthcare in general. 


The establishment of IPPOSI was largely influenced by the activities of EPPOSI, its European counterpart. IPPOSI was established in February 2001 at a meeting held in Dublin on the subject of Therapeutics -How will Ireland Contribute.  Since then, regular meetings have been held on topics such as the Orphan Medicinal Products Regulation of the EU; the Commercialisation of Health Research; the EU Clinical Trials Directive; and most recently on the Development of a National Clinical Research Infrastructure.  IPPOSI is funded by the HRB and by member contributions.

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