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European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN)

ECRIN is a European non-for-profit platform for the support of clinical research projects. It is based on the connection of national networks of clinical research centres and clinical trials units, and integrates national clinical research facilities into a pan-European infrastructure, able to provide support to multinational clinical research in any medical field, and for any category of clinical research. ECRIN currently includes 12 networks in nine European countries representing a population of 350 million.


The preparation phase is expected to be completed in 2011, and when fully established ECRIN will provide integrated 'one-stop shop' services to investigators and sponsors in multinational studies, with the local contribution of staff embedded in each national coordination (patient recruitment and investigation, data management, GMP manufacturing of biotherapy products, quality assurance, monitoring, ethics, regulation and adverse event reporting). In addition, consulting will be provided to investigators and sponsors upstream to the study on issues such as regulation, ethics, centre selection, cost, funding, and insurance.


The HRB is a supporting partner in ECRIN.

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